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Self Entanglement

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  • Self Entanglement

    Surprising is the undermining of us....
    The wants,..the needs,..the desires...
    Blocked by some force not something you can acquire...
    I'm not this,
    I can't have that....
    Piercing words of anger and hostility, arrows thrown at thee...
    The words that pierce your own ears wounded at the hand of your own conscious,..
    A fictional entity just throwing tid bits of fu*k sh*t keeping you locked in..
    Feeling caged its a mental thing..
    No lock, but invisible bars we build up to keep us more or less sane.
    There is always much more than meets the eye.
    Staring at the mirror beaming off a reflection of impetuous signals..
    Feelings *RUSH*.. a waterfall, no end or fade, but on the outside looking in the view is much clearer
    Paradigms flourishing with opportunity an obvious sight,
    but when staring into the mirror it's always something that makes us deny the ultimate truth
    Like a blindfold we cover it up and push it aside, take no notice, and ignore it's righteousness

    Dear Conscious ,

    Why do you torment us?
    Ever ironic it moves in strange ways,
    hindering us like soldiers with commands set in place..
    no out you just can't escape this brigade a challenge we all must face

    Dear Conscious,
    I wish you were simpler, but nigh..
    Your like a contender always pulling a new trick from up your sleeve.
    Sword and shield dented from the continuous battle,...
    the internal one...
    We will continue this conversation another day...

    Your Subject
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    An intense self-reflection Jazzy G . Amazing, how perceptions bind nearly as tightly as reality.

    Welcome to the zone!