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    I cannot continue

    I cannot make it

    The smiles aren't real

    I can't continue to fake it

    Fake the happiness

    When really there's fear

    Fake the angel's words

    While the demon's still there

    Still in my head

    Still whispering

    The wounds that I have

    Are bleeding and blistering

    Wounds created by

    Hate, and fear

    Wounds worsened by

    The demon in my ear

    I cannot go forth

    I cannot move on

    For if my angel finds me

    I am too far gone


    A. N. This is is an old poem. One of the first I wrote. I don’t know why I waited so long to post this. But he’s it is. So the last poem I posted is something I wouldn’t usually write. I hope you have a nice day and if you want to see my actual writing I have a Wattpad account with a whole bunch of recco

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    I hope you have a nice day too PotterHead22807 . Your angel/demon theme has run through a whole collection of poems and your author's note made me wonder if this was the first?

    Also, I'm kind of an old fogey, and not sure what a "Wattpad account" is. Could you enlighten me and perhaps send directions as to how we access it? Thanks. RLW


    • PotterHead22807
      PotterHead22807 commented
      Editing a comment
      Wattpad is an app/site in which you can write your own stories and read others as well.