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Through the Eyes of an Owl

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  • Through the Eyes of an Owl

    Through the Eyes of an Owl

    O, Owl, what so well do you see,
    Sitting on the limb of a tree?
    Are you as prudent as I hear?
    Nocturnal guard with feather ears.

    Round eyes that only seem to stare,
    Upon his post with vigil dare,
    Scanning the forest floor below,
    Ready for a hunting to go.

    O, Owl, with terrifying screech,
    Why do you seem so out of reach?
    Only to strike with stealthy speed,
    And satisfy your hunger needs.

    Do you guard or do you just spy?
    Use those haunting farsighted eyes,
    As the forest military,
    Camouflaged emissary.

    O, Owl, fowl of literature,
    Evoking fear and wisdom too,
    Quaint bird of prey with prowling eyes,
    I like you, yet I don’t know why.

    But I wonder how life would be,
    If humans were adept to see,
    As can this secretive night fowl,
    The world through the eyes of an owl.

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    Very unique and catching. Keeps the reader engaged and wanting to read the rest of the story. I love poems that leave things to the reader imagination and the detail gives you a great visual as well. Well done!


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      I like the way you've married a sense of wonderment with what seems to be personal observation tigerman . We've several owls around our farm and the sound of their tree-top melody gives me joyful shivers. I've done a short piece on it myself, when I was experimenting with putting words together with a photograph. You can see that here if you'd like.