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When the Curtain Comes Down

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  • When the Curtain Comes Down

    When the Curtain Comes Down

    He lives to play and sing on the stage,
    Even so, the thrill will fade,
    And he will become as stone,
    When the music ends and the last song is sung.

    As the big stage curtain starts falling,
    Misery will come calling,
    And he will feel inward pain,
    Until he is performing again.

    Traveling from one town to the next,
    His soul is very vexed,
    No gladness in him abides,
    Until another curtain rises.

    Being on stage feeds his inner needs,
    But never finds peace and ease,
    For life crashes in each town,
    When the stage curtain slowly comes down.

    He’s always blue and lonely inside,
    Tears often fall from his eyes,
    Many loves he let decay,
    Foregoing all to life on the stage.

    Spent most of his time learning his craft,
    But now bears the pain and wrath,
    From not having the foresight,
    That life is more than stage and spotlight.

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    I really enjoy your poetry tigerman. Gets you thinking and puts me on edge reading every line. Greatly done, thank you for posting all that you do!!!