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  • Sick Boy

    Live a life
    Of pride and joy
    Do the things your own way
    You sick boy

    Pump up your muscles
    Freshen your skin
    Despite that white smile
    Revulsion lies within

    Flirt and entertain
    Receive their attention
    Not what you aimed for
    Childish frustration

    Doesn't make you god
    When you treat the others
    Like some sort of object
    Something of a sick delusion
    Try to get their trust again
    Sick boy, best if you rot

    Live a life
    The way you want it to be
    Aftershave and clothes
    The typical kind of needs

    Tell us who you are, what you do
    While filling up your ego
    You think you're the best, for the woman
    But there's nothing real to show

    Flirt and entertain
    Perversion, the strategy
    To twist innocent minds
    Going downwards to depravity

    Doesn't make you a king
    When you hit on the girls
    Treat them as if they're dirt
    Never realising that they are human
    Like every other living soul round here
    Try your best to cheat your way to love
    Harder, harder than before
    Sick boy, you are a waste, you are nothing
    Just waste away

    Every time you do the things
    Every time you say the words
    You sink yourself lower
    The outcome that you deserve

    Show them attention, give up
    Show them respect, or just give up
    For who you are, only by your conduct
    Go to hell, your time is up

    Ask yourself one thing
    What girl in the world
    Would want to know you?

    Ask yourself just one thing
    What girl in this world
    Would want to sleep with you?

    The original was more vulgar, especially of its title where it was originally this (and meaning relating to the content shown).

  • #2
    This is quite sad and dark but I liked it and how you brought it all together.


    • Bry89
      Bry89 commented
      Editing a comment
      Thanks. I had it fresh in my mind, which always works.

      Also, if you and others don't mind, I'd like feedback on the other stuff I posted from the past two weeks (and they should be buried somewhere). Much appreciated, as usual.