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  • Room for Me

    Room for me

    I reached for the stars and finally found you

    Alone like me, afraid to love again

    Secretly Longing and hoping for a love that’s true

    Wondering if you were destined to be alone and just pretend

    So you pushed everyone away with your scowl

    Terrified to let love reach you inside

    No one will want me and I don’t care you vowed

    But I knew fear was speaking and not your pride

    So I will watch and wait to see

    If your heart will make room for me

    By: AlexandraTheLate (R)

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    Nice, it definitely reverberates, the ending... I loved the clear language here, and the 'poetic' feeling to it! Hooked from the first line, that reeled me in for sure. Felt this a lot and I appreciate you sharing


    • AlexandratheLate
      AlexandratheLate commented
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      Thank you very much amenOra

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    Alexandra this speaks to me and discusses feelings I can relate to. It has a simple beauty to it that starts with it's initial line and carries through to the end. Thank you for sharing.


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    Thank you very much Jede for the like. I appreciate it.


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      A cautionary note this strikes, as it builds on so much of the heart-felt work you've shared. I, for one, will be rooting for a happy ending.


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      Thank you very much Jazzy G for the read and the like.


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        Alexandra - Ahhh, you've captured a slice of the human heart here. Amazing how we are willing to stand in line for an eternity to catch a ride on that rockin' rollercoaster of Love and will stand for another eternity in the hope we can ride twice. Love! is unfathomable and yet it always seems to have room for one more. Such is the yearning of the human heart. I love the beauty in your words Alexandra. You did good. Namyh