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    i'm islanded again
    and the source is red hot,
    a hunger and a meal.
    i am the one chosen now.
    islanded and attracted,
    my face above shut eyes,
    the looking for more land.
    the problem is i can't stand,
    and the waves drink me,
    while I wonder how sharp
    my teeth would need to be
    to eat the world
    that first ate me.
    from above fall the fruits,
    and it rains for days,
    and the pigs chase
    the silence away,
    as the water cuts through
    and I hear bees far off
    buzzing in the flowers,
    and a cave in the side of rock
    holds the memory of bones
    and the clouds don't do
    anything. I've looked up
    into the sky which dreams,
    and I have wondered "How"
    how these seams connect,
    how the eyes take in
    the rapture of the forest
    as the animals swim
    and the trees sway
    and the ground moves.

    nothing else is wrong now,
    passion conquered weakness,
    and my hands are dry
    and wrung together,
    and my voice and breath
    move as one, beyond thought.
    I remember Love, truth,
    and your name written on me.
    lost as this island,
    the search for something,
    all while its name is "more,"
    and it sucks out the meaning.
    sometimes I'm convinced
    that there is something else
    just beyond my aching grasp,
    and sometimes I watch
    the pale sky hold the sun,
    and I've never been jealous
    because it also holds me,
    and the dreadful silence,
    and the welcome silence,
    and the blood-dark sea,
    and the eyes that strain.
    here, I find it such a pleasure,
    yet I could never stay.

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    I found myself carried along by the haunting deftness of your description here. "I am islanded again" A phrase that caught my attention was a great way to start. An enchanting journey all the way through to a suitably wistful ending. .


    • #3
      There’s such a pictorial beauty to this amenOra. I felt like Jon, carried by your words and imagery.


      • #4
        A piece of everything you've captured here, amenOra . It's broad, sweeping, deep, and yet a very personal take emerges from within the scene! Well done!


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          I think the above comments summed this poem up very well. Great set of imagery and word placement!!!