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  • Always Darkness

    Even when I fight it

    The darkness continues

    Welling up inside me.

    I can't escape.

    I can't make it through.

    Even if I find

    A glimmer of hope

    To guide me through this

    Unbearable time

    The darkness is too strong

    For me to break.

    The words and pain

    Of the demon

    Are too strong,

    And I'm

    Too weak to handle this.

    I won't make it through.

    The darkness is suffocating,

    Taking away all happiness and life

    Only to replace it with

    Sorrow and despair.

    Life isn't worth this pain.

    Nothing is.

    I need to escape.

    I need to be set free

    From these chains

    I've put upon myself.

    I long for happiness and beg for joy.

    I plead for my angel to return

    And give me life once more.

    But no matter how much I beg,

    How much I long,

    How much I plead

    With the darkness to

    Release me from this hell

    That has become my life

    And is growing every day

    Nothing will change.

    Escape is a fantasy,

    A vision,

    Something that will never come true.

    I lie awake at night

    And wonder

    What I've done to deserve this.

    Why me?

    I ask,

    Knowing I'll never know the answer.

    My mind wanders during the day

    To this darkened cell

    I've put myself in.

    The walls growing

    And the hope thining

    With every second

    Of every day.

    Why me?

    I ask once more,

    Practically begging to

    Know the answer

    To this long forgotten question.

    Agony and pain

    Are what I've become adept to.

    Darkness and demons

    Are all that greets me

    When I look for hope.

    Hope is all that keeps me here.,

    But it's leaving.

    It's leaving me with the darkness.

    Every day less and less hope comes,

    And every day more and more

    Darkness comes.

    I'm drowning in a pool

    Of sorrow and hopelessness.

    Soon, the darkness will take me,

    And then I'll be free.

    Free from this life,

    Free from the demon,

    Free from this cell,

    Free from everything.

    I cannot move on,

    I'm too far gone

    To make it out of this alive.

    The difficulties I face

    Are draining me,

    The demon's words are engraving me.

    I am nothing,

    No one cares about me.

    I'm not strong enough

    To make it through this.

    I am alone in this world.

    No one understands or cares.

    The demon whispers.

    Making it through

    Would be a miracle,

    I doubt that it'll happen.

    That I will forever remain

    Trapped by my own feelings

    And self-doubt.

    That I will never again see

    Hope and love.

    Darkness, only darkness.

    Always and forever

    There will be darkness.
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    I've no surety that this autobiographical. If so, I wish you peace and light. And want you to know that you've been heard.


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      A look into a dark side brings light to those whose eyes travel across this post. I hope you the best if this be from personal regards. There is always a light in the distance, evident or not. You just have to follow its path.