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  • Tithonus Redux

    Tithonus Redux

    If the span for most men is three score and ten,

    I’m two decades past my time.

    Old friends under ground, but I’m still around,

    At least forty years past my prime.

    I’m thinking it’s wrong to have lived so long.

    I should have been gone by now,

    Before the shakes started and strength departed.

    (Though my head has stayed clear somehow).

    There’s nothing I’ve done to ensure the long run.

    Quite the opposite, in fact.

    Fried food’s high on my diet, though health gurus decry it.

    So far it’s helped keep me intact.

    Things like broccoli are abhorrent to me,

    And most other health food as well.

    I’ve the same sweet tooth that I had in my youth:

    Lots of chocolate and caramel.

    All drugs I eschew, and vitamins, too.

    I’ve been known to take a drink.

    A cocktail a day keeps the medics at bay.

    (More than one puts me out of sync).

    For sixty-odd years, like so many peers,

    I smoked a pack a day.

    Though smoking’s a vice, didn’t quit till the price

    Jumped to more than I wanted to pay.

    Exercise? I limit it to the minutes it

    Takes to collect my mail.

    Thirty steps to the road, thirty back, my pace slowed

    To that of a rheumatic snail.

    Oh, sure, I bemoan living alone,

    Too late now to seek a lover.

    It’s just me and old Deuce, neither of us much use

    To anyone but each other.

    Well, it’s been a good run. Some I lost, some I won.

    And now, near the bend in the road,

    In the time that remains I’ll lean back on the reins

    And savor life’s last episode..

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    Thank you for the share I am definitely enjoying this episode. I will remember these words as life takes us through its journey!


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      Thanks JCrawf for this enjoyable and informative piece. I'd not before heard of Tithonus and so looked up the original poem. Your modernized version wields an adroit and humorous touch with rhythm carried through rhyme and slant.


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        The ending of this really got me, made me think of my own retrospections and future, and feel things so familiar. A very emotive well articulated poem here, and here is to Life! Any life at all! With love


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          Thanks all for your kind comments, all cogent. I don't expect to endure the same problem as Tithonus, but I've reached the age where I can empathize with him.


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            Articulate and enjoyable thank you