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  • There For You

    Beaten souls
    Destroyed lives
    I see it clear
    It feels alive

    Used, and abused
    It hurts me to see
    Betrayed, disdained
    My heart bleeds

    What got into his mind
    We're never to know
    Your altered emotion
    The bruises to show

    Shattered, and broken
    It pains me to see
    Betrayed, and slain
    It only brings out the pain in me

    For every one of you
    Feeling hurt
    Wish I was there
    To heal you
    When there's a fight
    There will be blood and tears
    Wish I was there for you
    I wish I can be there for you

    No more harm
    No more pain

    If I was there with you
    Shall I wipe your tears?
    If I was by your side right now
    Shall I release you from fear?

    These glazed eyes of despair
    Know that you can trust me
    Your fallen face, your hate for this world
    Know that you can love me
    If you want to

    No more harm
    No more pain
    Ever, ever