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  • Stigma

    Must I hate myself
    For not looking like you?
    Must I feel the shame
    For not being like you?
    Do you think I should
    Kill myself today?
    Do you actually know me?
    Do you even see my face?

    I always see myself
    As some sort of freak
    I am a breathing failure
    I'm dumb, and I'm weak
    How I look, how I am
    I'm not the one at fault
    All these insults, mean nothing
    I'm still human after all

    Blending in with society
    I am the odd one out, the curiosity
    Don't care of what they think of me
    Despite what they say, I'm still me

    Why let this
    Take control of me?
    Why let the stigma
    Be a part of me?