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    Blue over green #1.JPG

    Green upon blue sparks

    memory of you

    held deeply to heart

    since we’ve been apart.

    Are you aware

    in place without care

    of we who breathe hoping

    to follow you there?

    Are we apart

    when beating of heart

    counts blessing on blessing

    with every new start?

    Blue over green

    in heavens unseen

    paints love, ever-after,

    illuming the scene.

    Blue over green #2.JPG

    What is beautiful about the place where you live?
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    I love the creeks, dense trees, I love wildlife singing! Cool poem, nostalgic and longing, sentimental for something we're not sure about, but we're sure we all must feel! You remind me here how Heaven and Earth aren't so far apart! Every breath is a new start, yes, and Heaven is as close or far away as a thought. Lately Nature has been so kind to me, so beautiful, such a companion. THAT is home to me... Thanks for sharing this poem. A breath of fresh air.


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      Thank you. The way you've responded is music to my ears as well!