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  • Enchanting Adventure

    Childhood a mystery

    Enid Blyton brought to me

    A literary heaven

    Sometimes a secret seven

    Others the more famous five

    Solve puzzles to be alive

    With Timothy in a fix

    Lemonade and doggy licks

    By George the clue is the map

    Beware it could be a trap

    Into trouble off to camp

    Strange signals from a lamp

    Getting older more Hardy

    Boys solve crimes and not tardy

    The detectives Joe and Frank

    Find answers adults draw blanks

    Two brothers undercover

    The truth theirs to discover

    The Three Investigators

    Unmask ghost fabricators

    Headquarters hide at the dump

    Phantoms, terror cannot stump

    Trio with plots they unlock

    With aid from Alfred Hitchcock

    A young pilot in the skies

    Aerial combat up high

    A new hero’s gallant birth

    With the name James Bigglesworth

    Biggles to his companions

    Bertie, Ginger and Algernon

    Faces spies and espionage

    Captures criminals at large

    Life a dangerous mission

    Perils in all editions

    Stiff upper lip steely glance

    Never faces up to a romance

    Stories written to enchant

    Wonder and dreams they can grant

    Read once, again and again

    Dog eared friends will remain

    In the memory of the past
    Adventure written to last

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    Nice, this lived up to its title for me! Nice sprinkling of references, for 'zest'; this is like a reminiscence, ringing to my ear so much like that iconic song "We Didn't Start the Fire" See, I find your tone in more than one poems has that backward look, with wit and justification, rhyme to boot.
    I really like your poetry, a lot of it surprises me... definitely feel the adventure as well as the years we might not think about, "pursuing" this adventure!


    • Parkinsonspoet
      Parkinsonspoet commented
      Editing a comment
      You always show insight and understanding. For me memories are more than the past. I won't say more here because I said more in a poem I just posted. If I explained upfront I think it could detract from it.