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  • The Wanderer

    Through the dense forest,
    And the deep valley, alone I walk.
    Thoughts scattered away like butterflies,
    Flying deep into the summer green;
    There, the creeks are my only directions
    And the mountains, my only inspirations.
    After 1000 miles,
    I dwell deeper into the great Rockies
    Where I walk idly
    Lingering through million years of glory.
    Down the rift valley,
    Rest dazzling shades of blue
    With beautiful colour hue
    That spurs me to great endeavours,
    In these enticing landscapes, I wander.
    Deeper into these fields of valleys
    Through an ethereal world where life just shines
    Without a peculiar city that confines;
    Like gravity I’m pulled further
    By the sounds of the soothing water
    And the sight of the giant crests.
    Along these endless trails, I feel conjure
    Following the footprints of the antelopes;
    As the day fared forth,
    And time just hurries on
    I lay down quietly through the open meadows
    Where only doves reign.

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    An enjoyable journey than you for taking me on the ride


    • jede
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      Thanks for dropping by

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    Very nicely done. Almost been biblical.


    • jede
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      Hey sorry for the late reply. Just catching up on my notifications now. Thank you for dropping by! I appreciate the feedback