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    A funny silly poem . . . because I have nothing else to do! Lol!


    I drove out ---- into the country
    to visit ---- my Uncle Ben
    The last time ----- that I saw him
    I believe ---- that I was Ten

    I loved ---- my Uncle Ben
    Uncle Ben ----- was always Nice
    He cooked ----- a special Dinner
    And he made ------ his Famous Rice

    His Famous Rice ----- was called 'Converted'
    Because it kept ------ the grains from Stickin'
    And it tasted ------ awfully good
    when he served it ----- with Fried Chicken

    After dinner ----- I was sleepy
    And the Moon ----- was shining bright
    I got up ---- from the dinner table
    And told ------ Uncle Ben Good Night

    Uncle Ben ------ woke me in the morning
    He said, "Boy ----- It's time to eat!"
    So he introduced me ----- to my Cousin
    The Chef ------ from Cream O' Wheat

    The Chef ---- looked like my Father
    He was Handsome ---- Tall and Dark
    We met ---- one time as Children
    when we played ----- down at the Park

    The Chef wore ---- a floppy hat
    His uniform ----- was nice and bright
    Both ---- were like his teeth
    Which were a dazzling ------ sparkling white

    The Chef said ------ "Howdy Cousin!
    I'm glad ----- we got to meet
    And I know ----- you must be hungry
    so please ------ just grab a seat"

    I said, "Yes ----- I sure am hungry
    Hey, what ----- you got to eat?"
    The Chef held ---- a box of cereal
    It was his famous ---- Cream O' Wheat!

    I said " Now ----- I don't want Hot Cereal
    And I don't want ----- no Frosted Flakes
    I want some ----- Eggs and Sausage
    And a stack ----- of Hot Pancakes

    He said "Now ---- I don't cook No pancakes.
    Or mess ------ with eggs or meat.
    I only ------ 'cooks' one thing
    And that's my ----- Cream O' Wheat!

    So ----- don't look at me funny
    I have nothing ----- else to eat
    And If I fix ----- yo' breakfast,
    It must be ---- Cream O' Wheat!"

    I said "Now ----- I love my Cream O' Wheat!
    And it's yummy ----- I must say
    But I don't want ----- no 'Cream O' Wheat'!
    Because I had ----- that yesterday."

    He said -----"There's nothing in the pantry
    No Ham or Turkey ---- left to carve
    So, if you don't want ---- my 'Cream O' Wheat'
    Then I'll guess ------ you'll have to starve!"

    I said ----- "And you call yourself a Chef?
    Well I bet ---- you're just a Cook!"
    The Chef ---- got pretty angry
    And he gave me ----- such a look

    The Chef threw ---- a sack of Beans
    And I think ---- the beans were Lima
    The Chef pointed ----- to the kitchen
    He said ---- "Go see yo' Aunt Jemima!"

    Now Aunt Jemima -----had her Syrup
    And her Box ------- of Pancake Mix
    She said ------- "Good Morning, Honey
    How many Pancakes ----- should I fix?"

    I said ---- "Good Morning, Aunt Jemima
    Please give me ----- a stack of eight
    And while ----- you're at it Auntie
    Put some sausage ----- on my plate

    And don't ----- forget my eggs!
    And I want them ------ scrambled too!
    Nobody ------ makes a breakfast
    quite ------ the way you do!"

    Those pancakes ----- were delicious!
    The eggs and sausage ------ tasted great!
    And in ----- a moment's time
    There was nothing ----- on my plate

    After Aunt Jemima -----ate her breakfast
    She made ------ two Root Beer Floats
    Then she introduced me ------ to her Husband
    The White Man -------- from Quaker Oats!
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    You must be in a silly, sunny mood!


    • Rhymeboy
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      LMAO! Yes!!!! Very silly That's what happens when you eat McDonald's!!!! Lol! Thanks for stopping by RLW!

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    Love this. Very entertaining.


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      Thanks AtL! Thanks for honoring my post with a visit!