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    The lies fall flat
    The demons words crumble
    While truth emerges
    And I no longer stumble

    Stumble over the truth
    Stumble over lies
    Stumbling through life
    While the hope no longer dies

    For months I wandered
    The world and it’s past
    But things got dark
    And happiness didn’t last

    I strayed far away
    From hope and bliss
    I wandered hopelessly
    Begging for nothingness

    The pain and agony
    The grief and sorrow
    All went away
    Once I made it to tomorrow

    The dark turned to light
    The night turned to day
    While the demon died slowly
    And the wounds went away

    It’s not over yet
    But it almost is
    I can make it to the end
    I can make it to bliss

    But the scars are still there
    And fear starts growing stronger
    But I’ve made it this far
    So why not a little longer

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    The rhyme propels this poem giving it a good flow. Has a bit more light and shade than some of the previous. I enjoyed this


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      This carries a real sense of hope along with its rhyme, PotterHead22807 . Your word choices impel a sense of journeying (i.e. stumbled, wandered, strayed)...a wonderful metaphor for life!