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  • Sadist

    Sadist, why do you hurt?
    Why make me suffer
    In the way that you intend
    To all the others?

    Sadist, do you see my tears
    As you do all the things to me?
    My scars, my blood all over you
    How cruel can anyone be?

    Sadist, you rip me open
    To benefit dirty human needs
    What gives you any damn right
    To allow innocence to bleed?

    Sadist, I'll get my revenge
    While you smirk, as you wear me
    I'm make sure that you one day choke
    No one should get away with this cruelty

    Human and beast
    Monster and victim
    I'm dead to you

    Sadist, senseless mind of apathy
    You are dead to me


    The original version written up was more vulgar, but I've decided to tone it down for here.