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  • Insouciance*


    I met a word today.

    A word I never say,

    or ever said, as I recall.

    It’s not a common word at all.

    Well, not for some, although

    I’ve seen it lived in those

    who rarely give a damn.

    Oh ma’am, (and sirs)

    excuse my language


    I did not mean to tease, but

    darned if I can make it rhyme,

    at least one time.

    Can you?

    *Years ago I subscribed to the Word of the Day from the Free Dictionary online. I'd planned to write a poem every day (for practice) using the word given. It's been a long time since I've attempted it...and perhaps I chose a strange choice for a comeback try, but this one struck me as one I will likely never rhyme. Why don't you give it a go?
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    Good job, I love words and am so interested in them too. I love lil projects/endeavours like these, I think it helps us grow, an exploration. I remember one friend talking about how "unusable" the word Lugubrious was, lol. Reminded me. But really I can barely pronounce this word haha, to know what rhymes with it.

    I'll try...

    "By way of a little influence,
    With love we can pass
    The gray insouciance,"

    But what is the influence? We know Passion but can we share it, like fire or food? Or "drink". Anyway, well, mine's a small poem, but you know. Thanks for the idea, and sharing the poem. I liked the flow and airy feel to it, the light humorous touch.

    Words, and awesome meetings Peace


    • RhymeLovingWriter
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      I like it!

      Thanks for taking time to comment - and trying to rhyme it! You're one ahead of me there. I may still try to come up with something, but there are four new "words of the day" right behind in line that I haven't even tackled!

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    I wouldn’t know where to start lol lol. But I love your poem about it.


    • RhymeLovingWriter
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      Thanks AtL! Me neither. But this one popped maybe there's hope? One day?