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  • love in light

    You showed me the best side of yourself.
    I remember wanting to forget.
    The glare of cold places, of forlorn dreams eyed.
    Absence and deafness, closed tight in a ball
    ...Memory. I rocked you against
    The crescent shadows of my youth, to find
    Hidden in that house, so deep
    Beneath the boards of the floor, no stain
    Nothing even left over to pity.
    Beneath my fingernails and skin
    The rest of gravity's hold so like sand, beneath
    The tophat tipping, and fated fall.
    Beneath the weeping willow's lashing,
    The arms of the hurricane splashing.
    Wave by wave, sending; day by day
    Changed again by this rediscovery... Pain...
    What we choose to do with ourselves
    When the truth glows ruby-dark, and we see
    In the chaos from nothing, nothing again.
    You showed me how to become,
    And I always knew what I was. I figured
    The name we spoke to talk
    Would cover us in more than our blood,
    And our fingers could touch
    Beyond the fences and signpost...
    I figured the delivery of the truth
    Would come first hand, and that love
    Give birth to herself again, again.
    And now there is no reason, all else
    Has fallen to temptation, otherwise.
    And I stand back and gasp,
    And I am still who I've known,
    Afraid of being lost, and even alone.
    Nothing wrong, given a choice
    To feel the loving rays pierce;
    Nothing gained, nothing lost.
    Finding this light in the love.

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    Wow nicely done! amenOra


    • amenOra
      amenOra commented
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      Hey Rhymeboy... thanks for taking a look, I hope you're doing great! peace

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    I love this it has a great feel to it.


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      This does have a wonderful sound when read aloud...a journeying...through shadows and memory but not ending in despair. Nice work.