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  • Pain

    Through these walls of pain
    I fight
    To find the love
    And mend the light

    I wish I could
    Stop the sorrow
    Mend the light
    And find tomorrow

    The darkness is draining me
    Covering me in black
    The darkness is taking me
    And I cant fight back

    I am alone
    Forever in darkness
    I am in pain
    An ember of nothingness

    Alone in the darkness
    Forever in pain
    Alone is the darkness
    Fighting in vain

    __________________________________________________ ______
    A.N.- Hey! Long time no update. I've lost most of my inspiration and most of the poems I've written this past month are either no good, or about really personal stuff that I'd prefer to keep to myself. Anyways hope this is enough to satisfy for now. I might post another today, or tomorrow but most likely not. I hope you have a great day!

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    Sometimes it happens like that but inspiration can return at any time. This is powerful but pretty bleak. Thank you for sharing


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      Hey there, and with this one I liked the refrain, and mood it set up! "ember of nothingness" was a cool phrase that caught my eye. I think you have a wonderful eye for descriptions, and in the most unexpected placed you produce these images--ideas-- like in your other the question "why can't I find light?" -- It's fun to explore these ideas or thoughts, for ourselves, and share them, to better understand US. Ourselves

      Though I find this one a bit too heavy and dark and feel like a contrast of some positive glimmer of hope, turning point, etc to offset the 'drear' of these emotions, well, that would do you well.
      The drama of our emotional theater we express is about these elements of our soul, I think, but for instance I don't find it rings 'poetically true' (whatever that means!) to say Forever in pain.

      These things, I believe, demand an inspection of our soul. Go the extra mile and see Why it seems this way. Right? And perhaps write it down, and share with us.

      Peace friend!
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        And I hope you have a great day as well! Thank you for sharing


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          Sometimes the best poetry comes out of a painful period...sometimes not. But you are continuing to write, and that is a good thing. Share what you feel comfortable with. We're glad to see your name in the queue!