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The Price She Paid

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  • The Price She Paid

    The price she paid

    The thorny rose She pricked her finger on

    Had turned scarlet red from her dripping blood

    Her loneliness so deep she thought she’d drown

    In his eyes she saw childhood mem-ries flood (memories)

    innocence was lost when she chose to stay

    Frightful war raged deeply within her bones

    Smooth Lips that one day would her love betray

    Had cost her her heart, left her all alone

    Finally the long night had come and gone

    Icy blue eyes without compassion fade

    Her resurrected heart had been reborn

    With scars worn proudly for the price she paid

    By AlexandratheLate (R)

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    Thank you amenOra for the like. I appreciate it.


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      Thank you Mutaddo for the like. I thought maybe this was a failure.


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        AmenOra - We walk into the future with an ever reminding shadow of our past walking with us. I guess the price we all must pay to grow again, especially after a heart resurrection. Nice work A. I liked it. Namyh
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          Thank you very much Namyh for the kind comment