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Something in the Water (lyrics)

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  • Something in the Water (lyrics)

    There's something in the water,
    Something in the air tonight,
    Fabric of reality aint stitching up or tearing right.

    We've been out here on the corners,
    Standing on the precipice
    Fighting 'gainst the elements, the hedonists and pessimists.

    Panting through the torture,
    Lungs so cold it's hard to breath,
    Cross upon my back while fingers track across my Rosary -

    - Don't let those demons close to me,
    This wasn't how it's sposed to be,
    Coping mechanisms made a prison out of hopeless dreams -

    - I felt the anger, broken free,
    But revolutions rotary,
    See theese ablutions choking me,
    I hope you see, I hope you see,
    Theres something in the water.

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    Seems like this was meant to be read at a quicker pace than normal, I enjoyed the flow and content! And then at the end I feel it 'reverberate' in that mysteriousness leaving it up in the air. Distinct feeling tones, and cool use of language; I particularly was joyed when I read the line about the rosary! Has a sort of "rap" slam style to it, thanks for sharing RustedQuill!