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Today I Tucked Time Into My Pocket

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  • Today I Tucked Time Into My Pocket

    I tucked time into my pocket
    Absent of hidden roads and words.

    Free from gesticulating knees, hands
    and flat-lipped nods

    I tucked time to feel my shoulders melt.
    For air, slow in my lungs, to be brought in by the oaks.
    My blood to cool the appropriate degrees.

    I decided to hold time for these
    things beyond duty and form.

    For me.
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    Kind of breezy--I like it! Clipped phrasing makes a unique flow and feel with this. Not too much decoration and adornment, and I think the brevity as well makes for this poem's charm.

    Thank you for sharing, Eslin!


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        Really interesting piece Eslin . As I read it I tried to imagine myself doing the same. The line that's sticking with me is "I tucked time to feel my shoulders melt." It's as if you were ready to retaliate, and deliberately chose a safer, smoother response - not in defeat or defiance, but intentionally walking away. I'm probably way off base, but it strikes me so.


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          RhymeLovingWriter Thanks for the comments. It can be read that way. Overall, the theme of self care and time as medicine, a balm, or precious stone/talisman. It heals, destroys, matures us, smooths the stones, makes us wiser with our energy and life.