Angry at my source of greed ,
I bleed everyday as I lead this me
To the time where I will receive the holy grail that will bring me relief,
Like a thief I live and deceive until I must get what I need
The power I once owned and believed to be true
And to be the thing that fulfills my need to exist
and to seek all the ways to evolve through this heist, without haste ,
but enjoying the waste of emotions and actions
and not get stuck on endless retaliations from karmic relations ,
No more contracts to bargain no more lifes forgot and in vain
No more crying in pain cause my main foremost purpose was to live
And to train in all things that are down there , on Earth ,
Everywhere that I go, every age that I rule ,
Every time I woud fail, every ocean I sail, not getting bailed
But crawl like a snail from here to there ,
I saw all of this before getting here,
I saw the dimension I saw all the darkness ,
I dived and wandered and tried to harness the power in being immortal,
Yet helpless and lawless,
I told to my self and to others , there I must go,
I know all there is yet without being all , without breathing through nostrils ,
This “I am” is but nothing it does not exist,
I must go and must cease my research
In exchange for this chance to just miss and release in creation this myst
Created out of refusing to kiss, fearing to seize , hesitating to list' and makeup this list of things to achieve ,
Obsoleting my Christ cause I care not who falls or who rises
Above what comprises this journey of mine,
I formed my own “mine” through endlessly crossing that line
And this land left behind is full of these mines ,
They like to blow up then blame me for their crimes
And it’s fair, it’s nonsense , it’s all just in vain ,
When you’re asked for resources to draw all these themes ,
Pretend that you’re carrying, pretend not to blame , not to love ,
Not to thirst for that fame, yet in love with the same , work it out, end up sane
'Cause I am this free will, The madness , forgiving, forgetting
And I’ll see you again when my choices concerning your destiny are not so offending !