Ever felt that you weight much more than you carry
But there’s no explanation and you sit and just worry
That your story lacks content to the extent that every step taken
Increases this friction between thought and the process of reason ?
And you sit to prevent all this fire ,
All these words you grip tight and it feels like barbed wire
Cause you can’t spell it out without yelling at others
Then they call you a liar ,call you a smartass,
Tells you to shut up or go to the press
If this truth you admire is of such interest that it threatens the world
And it’s best to makes sure you can prove inbefore to yourself
That is worth to put effort so instead you just make it a business
Iliterate pass to write books about curing this illness
And make it a succes, drop all the usual suspects
Brag how it came from nowhere, and you’re host to this magical muse
Make it fair for all future readers to care fill up blanks and get lost in this lair,
Just write out the props and pretend it’s all there,
Cash in on their fears ,
Recycle these tears into something tangible enough
That it’s worth to put out more of the same
Confess all your hate and do not win debates, hesitate to explain
Sabotage your own fame at a rate high enough
That there’s no one out there better at calling it bullshit hoping you’d care.

The old times don’t fit anymore, you’re a vestige of old,
Too bold to give up ,too mad to reaveal the real ,
So much unfulfilled potential it’s all that you hear ,
It fuels your gears to spin off more years ,
Get to that age when you’re not seeking truth anymore
Cause the cause of it all was not endlessly chasing what’s right
In hopes of becoming one with your broomstick of divine justice and light,
But to have you survive all this guilt you’ve been born with
And put up a fight worth enough to remember and soften your temper
So it won’t hurt so much in your next earthly venture .