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10500BC (To Atlantis)

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  • amenOra
    Wow, I really enjoyed this, thanks for sharing and welcome!

    On so many levels, too, this 'rang' ... From the start, rhythm hooked me... nice choices of words -- 'lost science'. This had an emotion and build up, intensity, and grit that worked well.
    I know how you feel, the ending left me reeling, like a personal-universal thing.

    Good poetry

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  • CoS
    started a topic 10500BC (To Atlantis)

    10500BC (To Atlantis)

    Tired , too tired of seeing
    A whirlpool of meanings
    In this being,continuously stirring
    Potions for breathing
    Whilst hiding beneath things hidden
    For each day, another one biding
    Winning everytime yet saddened
    By fear of a lost science
    Buried too deep in this consciousness
    The root of all nuissance
    Yet somewhat giving the best guidance
    To that which my soul craves too much

    One touch of a distant past to re-live
    As if it hasn’t happened still,
    So still, I hide underneath
    Mouth silent yet mind full of it
    Waiting for the wheels of karma to reel
    Once more to the moment
    Which had my self kneel
    And cry in agony
    Even though a deal’s a deal
    After it’s done everything afterwards
    Feels just unreal,fuzzy and dark
    Deep endless waters
    Over this beautiful park
    Where we used to be gods
    Blossoming divine spark
    Now I can only walk that path
    In fractured dreams ending
    Whenever I try to talk

    So dark it lies beneath the lies
    Which shattered this world
    Built to last as we quickly
    Come young and old
    Vestige of an art we knew as feeling
    Not confusing knowledge
    Of senseless knowing
    A day was bright as the night was dark
    Each one attuned to each other
    After its passing, left its mark
    Had all of us on greatest journeys to embark
    Cause in those days
    These things did talk

    Now sorrow only fills my heart
    Of how it came to be only to be torn apart
    In endless fragments sunk within our memory
    Never to get lost as I live drunk
    In fear of again loosing
    What then was lost
    Admitedly avoiding greater dangers
    I was among those
    Who decided it was worth the cost.

    A debt eternal to the times and places
    I loved the most
    I’m bound to meet again
    Those who back then
    Followed my judgement at its worst
    I call them whenever I seek
    Another turning in my course
    And there they are welcoming me
    As I fall back prey to remorse.

    Reliving past they think’s a curse
    Relief they bring as I get worse
    This coldness in my heart
    Has blinded all the windows of my house
    I can’t but hunt these memories
    Regardless of the cause
    Until the fragments of this island
    Become whole again
    I am too hollow
    I cannot rest but briefly, in your arms.