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    We make mistakes
    When we miss the purpose of the choices we make;
    Not a wrongdoing or evil or a lie in itself
    But the feeling of confusing truth
    Makes for alot of distress.
    Cause words often come and try to express
    Such deep, subtle truth we can barely guess;

    The source of that feeling or of what we go through
    Has roots much, much deeper
    Than what we’re used to dig through.
    Like Suns radiating far away planets with life
    Our Souls blossom outwards creating this being
    Of many shades and of sides
    Which collide in sharp angles with the beings of others
    And we try to express ,utter words, but we’d rather
    Keep silent cause the more we converge towards something
    It’s harder to make sense of ourselves and see further.
    And we wonder what’s the point of all this
    And of speaking the truth
    When all we get is the rush of release
    ‘Till we’re full of it more and we feel we’ve breakthrough
    But we just spill our guts and surround from all sides
    With these walls made of words that mix up into lies

    And it’s love and it’s good and it’s truth
    And it hurts ,we don’t run but we think that we should
    Cause it stinks laying there all that time, all those phrases
    They degrade and pollute just like plastic
    But we’re caught in this stasis of just being what we mean
    And regret anytime others fail to live up the same feeling
    These toxic tears corrode on each other the walls of our being
    Everytime we cannot but just live the way that we are
    Without strife, without forcibly changing and being called a liar
    For not wanting to hurt others, end up living in fear
    Sleepless nights all the time cause we hurt when we hear
    Of ourselves not mirroring all the light and the love
    That unfolds both below and above
    And I’m angry cause the pressure is real
    If I say that you’re ugly , it’s because
    You’re just used to the same cause you see through your rear
    Just like I have to bear all the pain of this blindness
    Even tho I’m a seer
    So we make to each other compliments that reach further
    Than we’re willing to go
    Getting lost every step if not walking togheter
    In the shit that we do
    It becomes a way to let go ,to do it tomorrow
    If today we say no, but we want to just go
    Far from all of this killing that takes place in our ego
    Torn apart and rebuilt like a toy made of lego
    Day to day cause the love that we share
    Seems to have it’s own ego
    And it grows on itself and it feeds of this plastic
    Every time that we argue cause it feels so fantastic
    Making us breathing shallow , loosing purpose
    And scope of the things that were basic
    That should work and results should be there
    Too much feeling , instead, makes us find it else where
    Even tho it is there, in these changes so subtle
    It takes years to surface ,it takes moments to rumble
    Cause we’re taught all this nonsense
    Of making it happen today, not tomorrow
    cause who cares about growing
    We just push gmo’s to keep feeding
    these desires of ours as we’re sinking
    Into all of these books that we’re reading
    About now and the present and the need to believe
    In a bullshit that has worked since forever
    It needs not to be sold and released
    Everytime we get lost through this myst
    Of just finding that bliss and of being so awesome
    We just read and we talk and we think that we know
    But we still miss each other and fall down below
    Where our Soul show us causes we missed
    Which explode in effects everytime when we kiss
    But who cares if it hurts, we just want more of it
    Cause there ain’t no soft roads ,at the end
    What we want, we are bound to receive it.
    How it comes in what shape and what form it might take
    It depends on how much we pretend knowing it.
    But it comes and it’s right what you wanted to be,
    Not forever and always , not to stay not to leave,
    But to make you believe that you can and you should
    Always get what you ask, not because you have read in a book about it
    But because you deserve all of it, be it hurt be it fun be it harder than thought
    Don’t give up on your truth to make others believe
    That you’re all about something they so need to receive.
    These mistakes just repeat and return to the same
    Where all you should do is just give all there is, without blame.
    Cause regret is one of those beasts you can catch , never tame.

    Here hoping this one does not break any forum rules. Needless to say, I do not care much about punctuation when writting, to each, they get added as they feel, by reading it.