Remote is the thought
Of giving up what I sought
Only tired of naught
I’m just asking about
A brief moment, relief
And of silence of heart
In this mind way too loud
That’s still stuck at the start
Which I find to be proper and fine
When one tries to align
With too much of “should do”
That too little gets through
And then sorting what’s true
Takes the place of “to do”
So remote seems this truth
In the fallout of guilt
All around mirrors you
In this Cosmos you’ve built
All the people you meet
Make you bow and just tilt
And agree to get hit
By the judgement of you witt
And just sit on this threat
Of not saying things
Lest you’ve done it and better
Lest you want to just deter
Others from getting feathers
Cause you like them as critters
And your skin grows and withers
And your Eye starts to flicker
With this glimpse of a Wisdom
In the biodome of Mind
It just grew out of doubt
In the seasons of fear
And the pain was so kind
It was all it could bear
Understanding was near
You just needed to hear
And observe not reply
To the how’s and the why
Cowardly ,apparently stealing feathers to fly
From these others who pray
To beliefs whilst they’re prey
Everywhere that you go
As you seek your own way
Knowing nothing to say
Rest for now , you can try more next day

Did your best and you’earned it
Sleep the rest of this season, cosmic hermit