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  • Don't Want This Anymore

    How much can a human being take
    Before losing it, to everything?
    The weight piles on, and can take its toll
    Should I risk to lose everything?

    All experiences that I held
    Every spoken word, everyone I knew
    There can come a time where I wish to end
    And my desires, as much as I hate to say it
    Are true, much like the damage I've received
    From all of you

    And it pains me to even say it
    But I don't want this anymore
    Hear me out

    Of all information processed, yet injected
    There's a chance that I'll refuse, without thinking
    Voicing my intention as to why, or what's on my mind
    The more you persuade, the more pain you bring

    All memories that were inside
    Pictures of joy, amongst the darker ones
    There may be a time where I desire for an end
    It's gone long enough, my pride has run its course
    So now, shall I cut the ties and let you all bleed?
    Or shall I stay, until all emotion grows numb?

    As much as it pains me to express it
    For fear that the love will turn to hate
    I don't want this anymore
    Hear me out

    Hear me out

    Even if I leave right now
    I wish you all the best
    But I can't take it
    Any further
    I'm entitled to rest

    Towards an end
    From the beginning
    What I endured
    It doesn't matter, anymore
    The wheels keep turning
    The world keeps on spinning

    Without me
    Without you
    Life still goes on

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    True, life goes on but everybody would be missed by some body. Having said that the line "hear me out" repeated twice, mid poem signals an increase in pace and the added urgency provides a good end to the poem


    • Bry89
      Bry89 commented
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      By the first sentence, especially when you've been a dedicated worker of a company, and really wish to just quit when all got too much. I say this because, I've been feeling like this recently so, you can say that my emotions were raw with this one.

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    I like this. The fourth stanza was when I was really riveted. The metaphors and analogies were rife with meaning and feeling both... kind of shocking, as well as relatable on such deep levels. You really got to singing, too and I loved the atmosphere you managed to put together here. I like the tone, the voice of it.
    Thanks for sharing I appreciate your poetry!


    • Bry89
      Bry89 commented
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      This piece is even more powerful... when I tell you that this is based on my recent experiences as a volunteer, especially when I had enjoying my time as one much less than before and just wanted out of it. Even when I've got other things in mind too which had also affected my emotions and thought process whilst being there. I appreciate the feedback, as always