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Shattered Memory

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  • Shattered Memory

    Everything is broken
    Everything in pieces
    Everything that I've known
    No longer exists

    In a fractured state
    Of a fragile mind
    All my dreams, obliterated
    I'm now out of my mind

    Save me
    Save me
    Too late

    Everything is gone
    I feel the slightest cracks
    Everything that was me
    All that I never had

    Of this fractured mind
    In a fragile state
    All my memories, annihilated
    Turn it back to day one
    It's far too late

    Save me
    Save me
    Too late

    All that I had, long gone
    All that I was, destroyed
    I'm a wreck, a failure
    But I had no choice

    Try to put it together
    Back to what it was before
    But I know things
    Just won't be the same
    So now, what am I to live for?

    Shattered memory
    Eternal misery
    A lost reverie

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    I would be interested to hear the background to this one. Memory is an area I find fascinating


    • Bry89
      Bry89 commented
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      Just about the mind in general... but more specifically, going through all of life's traumas where one would be on the brink of losing it, and of them affecting their future hopes and aspirations.