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  • Chattel

    Chattel, it’s just my personal opinion but my couch has never lied to me. I can’t say the same thing for my television.

    All the different kind of lies

    Alabaster untruths and alibis

    If left to chance, the likelihood

    Correlated to misunderstood

    A foul, a penalty, advantage gained

    The benefactors slanted claims

    The whistle blows, a flag is thrown

    Rules of engagements undertones

    The truth unkind, why state it clear

    My oh my it’s ugly dear

    Varnished words will raise the grain

    Lacquered lies will do the same

    Why do we lie or break the rules

    Are laws obeyed just by the fools

    The ones that never get ahead

    Losers chattel that cheaters dread

  • #2
    I quite liked this, read over it a few times now...
    The ending was good, nice spice of logic to twist things up, get me thinking some more.
    Like the title and usage of that word, as well. Thanks for sharing divot.

    This piece makes me remember the concept of "the devil's advocate" yaknow? Specially the end!