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tanka by Saito Mokichi

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  • tanka by Saito Mokichi

    reading my Tanka book this morn. This one struck me, so personal... decided to share

    with black curtains
    hanging down to the floor
    this one hour and a half
    is also part of my life

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    MHenry writes a lot of tanka. You should check his work out!


    • amenOra
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      Yes, I should, I have actually also seen him around a group we both comment on, over on Facebook. I haven't read much of his, still, thanks

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    Hi, RLW and amen! I came to RZ to find the first time I learned about tanka, from a poet using the handle Katray, who I miss very much, she having suddenly disappeared from the forum to my great chagrin, and I found this thread.

    amen, what tanka book are you reading?

    And if you want to see a couple of my recent tanka, you might look here...


    • RhymeLovingWriter
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      I just think it's so nice to see your name here. Thanks for the smile in my day.

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    AmenOra - I'm unfamiliar with tanka but I do know that I did like this. I guess sometimes we all could do with that time of day when we can just isolate from it all. Now, I can't wait for mine. Nice work AO. Namyh