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  • Saturday Matinee

    Saturday Matinee

    So inured with the badness in the world, they would mean to convince others of nothing else.
    As an individual, I see this place, and this view, having come from everywhere at once.
    It's relative to You. Like a Saturday morning slanting into the afternoon. Like a sunny brunch.
    So inculcated in the moral climate, having never gone beyond, swimming in golden fire.
    The painstaking path taken ... is 'Beyond'. We persevere, and we're able to endure, to know Majesty.
    Holding on to Truth leads to the 'clinging' being burned away. Steadfast in God, open-hearted,
    Speaking the Living word from a whispered guidance. Soft breeze upon leaves blowing.
    The yellow heart moved, glowing in the sun. Roots firm, stretching, and deep.
    A glass portraiture of the architect's own Eye, roving this raised scenery -- a courtyard, lined with trees,
    Those waving cypresses, and the shorter daisies below even more silent: Those ferns,
    So much carbon with their green-colored skin, the sunlight touching the outsides, beckoning.
    The pieces of the sky built from cloud, and wind, and fire, and breathing. An absence of sound
    As the light moves over the surfaces, and highlights the shadows, and graces our faces.
    Birds around the fountain strutting, brown-breasts, and the seed lying in sparse grass.
    Following a bee-line for the center of all this; my eventual cares and concerns return.
    I am swallowed; I am dribbled, gushing, down tiers of the descending fountain. I enlight...

    With just a glimpse at the living sheen which is employed, touching everything,
    I can rest firm in the faith of this Truth, which is beautiful beyond any knowing. This love is eternity's own.