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  • Cold wonder

    Nested darkness, the twilight nebulae and sleeping drifting figures:
    In rising fumes a cloud of light, themselves so entirely heavy and pulling.
    The craft, the heart, an inside and an out; the heart builds its field,
    The field reflecting the Sun; the insides remake through time, its brain,
    The feeling and the contours lit by such a grainy world, such light things.
    A lifetime, an understanding, transmission of touch, one single thought...

    Light in concatenation spread to echoing futures, an abyss impugning;
    I am blind to watch proceed these infinite events, and all who dream
    That seeing removed from sight is somehow possible, become
    The determinant vessel, in protocol, in variables themselves, change
    Thought from density to density, the star above falling down.
    Made to grasp intangibility, beyond measures we can understand.

    Hovering on the edge of this same cloud, bursts the silence around,
    And peeking from the center and the heart, from where you were,
    Plain truth in ragged clothes begins its plight beyond this world,
    And by degrees and subtleties, its shape beyond its own transforms.
    Beauty lies in doubleness, in colored lives, and I impugn the face:
    A fact to dance itself away, a thought beyond yet still right here.

    I wonder how long this building of my world will take, seeing
    Fall the things I always trusted, those idols hid invisibly.

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    This has both an ethereal and epic feel. Like an expanse finally becoming grounded, if only by a tenuous thread. You have an interesting way with words.


    • amenOra
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      Thanks, care for some backstory? Well, I was reading an article on "aliens communicating via gravity waves" and immediately came, inspired, to write this poem as a result. It feels, yes, like you said, to me, as well as being of a different 'tone', more experimental. A bit more winded, anyway, thanks for sharing and caring, it makes all the difference in the world, Paula.
      Peace and love.

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    Cymbals clash
    black holes collide
    eliding infinity


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      This quite grabbed me I enjoyed the ride without being sure of its journey until I read your comments to RLW. I thought it was great thank you for posting


      • amenOra
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        Regards to you