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  • Uncolored

    Sway, pray, empty blue
    Side by side, aside your bayou
    Heavy, sweaty, beautied fool
    Fury sits so low in your soul, babe

    Shackled river, I shall be renewed
    Crushed by truth
    Slack jaw, hacked off, never knew
    Hurry out, rippled jade

    All your eyes perceive is falsehood turned true
    Nothing but a scattered blue, all other light consumed

    Devour me, soul and skull
    Shake the chains I've wrought, my girl
    Nothing is nothing until first fall
    Kill the diffuse; the sun, though low, lies for you

    I'm cowering beneath your heart, so tall
    Bravery ain't bravery until it is all but gone
    An endless ocean, pale beneath it all

    No light
    No light
    Save heavy gloom

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    The range of motion - and emotion - intense. I'm going to have to come back to revisit this.


    • Bison
      Bison commented
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      It kind of got away. Thanks for your comment. Apologies for low activity. School and work!

    • RhymeLovingWriter
      RhymeLovingWriter commented
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      Understood. For me it's settling estate, lots and lots of driving, and preparing for a move. We do what we can...