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  • the Basement the Basement!

    I’ve seen Fear on the face of men in war,
    that wide-eyed riveted gaze,
    on mine in front of a foe with a gun
    who intended to extinguish my days.
    But nothing would ever prepare me
    for this tale I’m compelled to present
    ‘bout hauling wet clothes to a dryer
    downstairs in my buddy’s basement.

    First the lights went out. I dropped the load.
    The basement silence held two sounds
    like knives slicing air in the distance
    and thudding feet walking soft ground.
    I lunged for the stairway in darkness
    but the Thing scraped my ribcage so!
    At the top of the stairs, I could just see the door,
    only seven steps to go.
    Its breath singed the hairs on the back of my neck.
    I jumped two steps, leaving five.
    I bounded two more and that left me three
    with the Monster on my heels and alive.
    I lunged for the door, ope’ and closed it.
    All in one motion I did!
    It snarled and pounded and pounded.
    My escape must have blown its lid.

    Each pounding lifted me off the door.
    Cracked wood pieces propelled to the floor.
    Ejected like bullets were door hinge screws.
    Wood began crumbling.
    It was coming through!
    I shivered and sweated in silent fright.
    Awaiting the crash! Awaiting the fight!
    Then suddenly! All went silent!
    And again my ears heard the sound.
    Knifeclaws, slicing air in the distance,
    started fading and melting, going down.
    The breath returned to my body
    and the sweat began to dry.
    Why it stopped? I’ll never know.
    I’m lucky and I won’t ask why!

    When I told my vacationing buddy,
    he chuckled and said I was crazed.
    But I saw him back home from vacation today
    with his “wide-eyed riveted gaze.”

    So don’t laugh at anyone saying,
    “There’s a Monster in your basement, my friend.”
    You can bet your sweet life, I would never forget it
    or ever chuckle again!


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    Lol! very funny Namyh! I'll have to be very careful about going down in other people's basements from now on! Lol!


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      Rhymeboy - When you hence do laundry in any basement take with you 3 grenades, two land mines, 1 special forces survival knife and a cream soda which when shaken not stirred kills monsters with its fizz within 15 feet. You can also borrow Clare, my hand held turbo converted rocket bazooka with napalm flame thrower, Mark7 knockout gas missiles, digital-laser sighting and G7 piercing rounds, all above an optional red nuclear launch detonation switch underneath. Whew! Make her mad and she’s a lethal feline predator of war even ghosts don’t want coming after them.....especially during the Rinse cycle. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Whoa! What a gal!! LOL. Mighty glad you stopped in RB to enjoy. Namyh
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        One thing is for sure - your poetry holds leaps and bounds of imaginative glory! I'm glad my washer and dryer are now on the main floor!


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          RLW - One 'leap' for mankind, one 'bound' of imaginative glory for poets everywhere. Geez! I almost want to salute! Washer and dryer on the main floor? Now that's smart. Glad you stopped in. Namyh


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            nice!-- the poem was suspenseful and action-packed toward the end. sweet rhymes and flow, and your knack for wit. Unique! thanks for sharing Namyh hope you are well!


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              AmenOra – I figured the reader was much better equipped to bring a personal monster than one I might try to describe. All that was needed was a story to put it in. Poets! Go figure! Believe it or not, this came from urging my kids, now grown with their own kids, to clean their often-dirty room or face the dreaded basement monster. Okay! Okay! I was a meany but it worked! LOL. Amazing it is that even when we’re young and reach adulthood, how a dark basement still makes us unconsciously shiver. And what kind of poet would I be be to deny a reader that one exquisite shivering gasping gulp of baffling basement dread. Thanks AmenOra for your enjoyment. Now your wonderful words have given me the "gulps" !! Namyh