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Why The Hummingbirds Throat is Red

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  • Why The Hummingbirds Throat is Red

    I actually thought this story-poem was good enough to publish as a book. I was supposed to have posted it for Easter/Lenten Season but didn't. I hope you all enjoy:


    A Ruby-Throated Hummingbird
    is a wonderful ----- sight to see
    So, here's ----- a little story
    that explains how ----- they came to be

    One day ------ a Hummingbird
    was sipping nectar ---- from some flowers
    Then came ----- a little boy
    And he watched ---- the bird for hours

    The bird ----- had tiny wings
    A tiny body ----- and tiny head
    And the feathers ---- upon its throat
    were a dazzling ----- Ruby Red

    That night ----- the little boy
    hopped in ----- his little bed
    Then suddenly ----- he asked his mother
    Why are Hummingbird's throats ----- bright red?

    His mother ---- simply smiled
    then kissed ----- his little head
    And as ----- she tucked him in
    This is what ----- his mother said:

    This reminds me ----- of a story
    that my mother ----- told to me
    When I was ----- growing up
    in a town ----- in Tennessee

    An old farmer ----- wrote the story
    But no one ----- really knows
    It's called -----'Why The Hummingbird's -----Throat Is Red'
    And this is ------ how it goes:

    A long, long ----- time ago
    All Hummingbirds ----- were Green
    Their feathers ------- were Dull and Drab
    with No ------ metallic sheen

    The birds ----- were Green all over
    just like ----- a Four-Leaf Clover
    EXCEPT ------ their throats were White
    Just like ---- The Cliffs of Dover

    Then late ---- One Silent Night
    A little Hummingbird ----- saw a Star
    So, it followed it ------ across the Oceans
    to a land ----- so strange and far

    The place ----- was Bethlehem
    And nothing ----- could be stranger
    When the bird peeked ----- inside a barn
    It saw a Baby ------- in a Manger

    The Baby ----- was with His parents
    His mother and father ------ beamed with love
    But the Baby ----- had another Father
    who lived high ----- up above

    The Hummingbird flew ----- inside the Barn
    To take ---- a closer look
    There were Shepherds ----- in the Barn
    Each with ---- a Shepherd's Crook

    The Baby ----- was very Special
    His face ----- had a glowing light
    And if ------ you ever saw it
    it would be ------ extremely bright

    Three Men came ----- to see the Baby
    Because they also ---- saw The Star
    And like ---- the Hummingbird
    They traveled ----- really far

    The Three Men ------ adored the Baby
    And they gave Him ----- Precious Things
    The Three Men ---- were very Wise
    Because they ----- were also Kings

    The Hummingbird ----- loved the Baby
    So it stayed ----- to watch Him grow
    And the Hummingbird ----- would followed Him
    Everywhere ----- the Boy would go

    The years ----- would quickly pass
    And soon the Boy ----- became a Man
    And He would travel ----- to many places
    According ----- to God's Plan

    The Man's name ----- was Jesus
    The Son ----- Of The Living God
    And although ----- He was a Shepherd
    He carried ----- no Staff or Rod

    The Hummingbird ---- was at the Jordan
    when Jesus was ---- baptized in the River
    The Hummingbird ----- was at the Temple
    For every Sermon ----- He would deliver

    The Hummingbird ----- was at The Wedding
    when Jesus turned ----- Water into Wine
    The Hummingbird ----- was on the Mountain
    where Jesus proved ---- He was Divine

    The Hummingbird ----- was there
    When five thousand ----- folks were fed
    And the Hummingbird ---- was at the tomb
    when He raised Lazarus ----- from the dead

    The Hummingbird ---- was at each house
    where Jesus ----- dined or stayed
    The Hummingbird ---- was at Gethsemane
    The Night ----- that Jesus prayed

    The Hummingbird ----- was there
    When Jesus ---- was whipped and scorned
    And the Hummingbird ----- was there
    When they placed ----- The Crown of Thorns

    When Jesus carried ----- His heavy Cross
    The little Hummingbird ---- was there
    It faithfully ----- followed Jesus
    which proved ---- the bird did care

    And even though ---- the Roman soldiers
    tried to shew ----- the bird away
    The Hummingbird ---- was determined
    to follow Jesus ----- all the way

    The Hummingbird ----- was there
    When they nailed Him ----- to The Cross
    And it hovered ----- next to Mary
    As she mourned ----- the son she loss

    The Hummingbird ----- was there
    When they set ---- The Cross upright
    And the Hummingbird ----- stayed there
    as the Day ----- turned into Night

    Of all ---- Earth's flying creatures
    The Hummingbird loved ----- The Lord the most
    Suddenly ----- Jesus shouted
    Then He ----- gave up the ghost

    The Hummingbird ----- began to wonder:
    Was The Lord Jesus ----- truly dead?
    And the little bird ------ flew near
    The thorny Crown ------ upon His head

    Then a single ----- drop of blood
    fell from Jesus's ---- Bleeding Head
    It fell ----- upon the bird
    And turned ----- his White Throat red

    But the Blood ---- was very dark
    so the red feathers ----- weren't bright
    The Hummingbird ----- stayed with Jesus
    until they took Him ----- down that night

    The Hummingbird ----- was there
    The night Jesus ---- came from the womb
    And the little bird ----- was there
    when Jesus rose up ---- from the Tomb

    The little bird ----- was happy
    Jesus was Alive! ----- No longer Dead!
    And the feathers ----- upon his Throat
    Became a vibrant ------ Ruby Red

    The Hummingbird ----- began to sparkle
    No longer ---- an ugly green
    Its green feathers ----- began to shimmer
    With a bright ----- metallic sheen

    So the Hummingbird ---- was rewarded
    for its Loyalty ----- Love and Care
    The Red reminds us ----- of The Blood
    And The Cross ----- Christ came to bear

    And that is why ---- the feathers
    On the Hummingbird's throat ----- are Red
    They get their ----- pretty color
    from the Blood ----- that Jesus bled

    Blood gave ----- the bird its color
    At least that's ----- what some folks say
    And that is why ------ The Hummingbird
    Looks like ----- it does Today
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