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  • Whispers

    Huawei networks
    Spies 5g security
    Just Chinese whispers

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    I get the sense that this is to do with politics in Britain? I shall go do a lil digging, but I appreciate this for the feeling-tone I glean from it. Seems like, you know, heated up, the climate o this poem, or the one it's describing. And the somewhat ominious last line.

    Only my interpretation of course.... Take care!


    • amenOra
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      O I'm less sure what the general idea of this is after finding it's about China telecom, but the ominous tone still rings ... to my ear. Interesting thanks for sharing

    • Parkinsonspoet
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      Yes this is centred on UK politics but there is a background of uncertainty about the Chinese government intent. A company like Huawei is in theory private but in China would be obliged to the state in a way western companies aren't. There is also a suggestion that the new Chinese Silk Road investment plan is an attempt to use finance to seek influence unfairly by building debt that can't be repaid in other countries. I find the whole situation fascinating.