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The Quest for the Phoenix

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  • The Quest for the Phoenix

    A winter song migrates across the world

    Melody charms but warns of the albatross

    Whose shadow looms above a coming menace

    Ever closer with every wingbeat a base line

    Fledgeling choir unites voices of the unschooled

    Striking out to raise alarm, as world snoozes

    Snooze you lose as they duck, billing platitudes

    Song mistaken for clucking Chicken Licken

    And yet the song is not a solo of youth

    But duets with the voice of the wise old bird

    An early bird who opened a can of worms

    To polite applause but thoughts of what a hoot

    The angry birds pause and pose for a selfie

    Preening their feathers as they coo on message

    Before flocking together flapping onwards

    Vying for position to lead to the storm

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    Interesting! Very Interesting!


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