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Shadows Calling

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  • Shadows Calling

    Shadows hide throughout the night
    And cover black in black
    They come from dark and night
    As well as white and black

    Hidden in the mind
    Blended throughout
    Shadows intertwine
    Clouded by doubt

    Doubt their souls
    That never came
    Doubt the toll
    Destined to be paid

    The toll they must pay
    The toll they must pass
    To go a different way
    Or keep distance

    Shadows made of light
    Shadows pay the toll
    Shadows darkened night
    Come and sell your soul

    Sell it to your master
    Become a darkened slave
    Bring the world disaster
    Come and find your grave

    A. N.
    This piece is a bit dark and is a little out of my comfort zone.

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    It is very well done. Sometimes leaving your comfort zone can be more productive and can be a great way of moving forward.