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Directional Decisions

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  • Johntee
    Your pieces are an education
    and a 'Tour de Force'

    In vain do I try,
    a heading I lack,
    Sailing Close Hauled
    yet not Taken Aback
    saving the loss
    of every Hard Tack
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  • Glen MItton
    started a topic Directional Decisions

    Directional Decisions

    Directional Decisions ( c ) Glen Mitton 2019

    May I direct your attention to the weather vane
    A simple ornamental structure that helps explain
    Which direction the wind is blowing
    Sometimes that's helpful in knowing
    We get the word " vane " as it was tagged
    From the word " fane " which means flag
    The credit goes to the astronomer Andronicus ( 48bc )
    Ever since then they have been a plus
    In the 9th century the Pope decreed to the people
    That a rooster be placed on every church steeple
    He did so as a reminder of Jesus' prophecy sign
    Before the rooster crowed Peter would deny him three times (Luke 22:34).
    Celebrating the end of the revolutionary war ( Sept. 3, 1783 }
    It was Patriotic designs that Americans adorned
    George Washington commissioned his friend's version ( Joseph Rakestraw )
    The " Dove of Peace " for his estate at Mount Vernon ( 1787 )
    Thomas Jefferson had the pointer inside hanging from the ceiling
    There he could see the direction with a nice easy feeling
    Hollywood took cues in many ways
    In some of it's titles we see today
    North to Alaska and South Pacific
    Two movies I think are terrific !
    Hitchcock gave a heading the test
    With his movie , North by Northwest
    I know these movies tell my age
    They help me relax as I disengage
    The weather vane shows four directions as standard
    It seems they're those who are pointed by anger
    I thought the North and South got a bad rap
    Now I hear East and West are being tapped !
    Because of prominent states on both coasts
    I thinks that's a load of chipped beef on toast
    The states in between are " fly over states "
    We're suppose to fall in line with their two fates
    Talk about gall and of all things insurrection
    Sorry folks , my vane points in another direction
    It shows which way the " ill wind " is coming from
    Go down wind from that and it will make you dumb
    We must be headstrong to the headwind so called
    Make headway by trimming our sails " close hauled " *
    I know it seems that we're east of Eden
    Mine weather vane still helps me make decisions

    * CLOSE-HAULED, adjective In seamanship, having the tacks or lower corners of the sails drawn close to the side to windward, and the sheets hauled close aft, in sailing near the wind