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  • Release

    The pressure is gone
    I am no longer bound
    By these cruel chains of dark
    That once help me to the ground

    They weighed me down
    And dragged behind me
    I couldn't see light
    Because I was blinded

    Blinded be fear
    Blind to the hate
    Blinded by my faults
    So I thought it was too late

    Too late to turn back
    Too late to move on
    The darkness has dimmed
    But it is not yet gone

    I don't really know if
    It ever goes away
    If it leaves you be
    Or if it's here to stay

    I kept my feeling locked
    Away in a vault
    And the key to getting out
    Was excepting my own faults

    Accepting that I'm not
    Perfect in every way
    Accepting that the demon
    Is forever here to stay

    Accepting that the truth
    Isn't always wanted
    Accepting that the past
    Will forever remain haunted

    Haunted by pain
    Haunted by fear
    I can barely hear the demon
    Whispering in my ear

    It whispers in my ear
    And alters the way I think
    And when I listen to it
    My life changes in a blink

    It changes drastically
    From happiness to sorrow
    It changes from today
    To no tomorrow

    And that's why I have to
    Make the most of today
    I cannot leave it be
    Or simply throw it away
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    Leave it be
    Let it lie
    Carpe Diem
    Seize the Day
    Against the darkness
    only pray

    I have to say I hope life isn't this dark for you.
    I like the phrase If it leaves you be
    I noticed a couple of what I take to be typos
    That once help me to the ground. Should this be "held"?
    Blinded be fear. Should this be "by"?
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      These lines really interested me

      "The darkness has dimmed
      But it is not yet gone"

      because of the inverted conception of "dim" darkness.

      You have some good rhymes, a feeling tone that I can relate with in this poem.

      The "grittiness" of life, a certain edge, understanding the darkness. I like your poem, glad you're sharing these with us!

      I think you have much promise in the way of improving your writing skills and expression, to harness your passion and find "the words" Peace