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  • Night of Day

    The sun shining bright
    The wind blowing soft
    While the last bit of light
    Falls from aloft

    The sun touches the sky
    One final time
    And nobody knows why
    But it stops on a dime

    It sits there soundless
    And the moon then comes through
    It circles boundless
    While the wind still blew

    The sun shot ahead
    And the moon did the same
    While the sun began to spread
    And the moon began to wane

    It went on like this
    Alternating as it be
    The sky full of bliss
    The people full of glee

    Next came the stars
    They danced among
    A most treasured memory of ours
    But what came next would stun

    We dubbed this small break
    The night of day
    But it was too much to intake
    So it had to slip away

    And though nobody remembers
    What happened that day
    Some memories turned to embers
    And others slipped away
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    I like this there is beauty in your imagery


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      Nicely done.