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Thank You ( a letter to my angel )

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  • Thank You ( a letter to my angel )

    My home was the darkness
    The darkness was my home
    But then I found you
    And I'm no longer alone

    Sadness and darkness
    Were among my close friends
    But now that you're here
    Your words can mend

    The demons lies were truth
    And your truths were lies
    Your light was small
    Compared to the darkened skies

    But at the right time
    Your light shone through
    The darkness was trying
    But it couldn't break you

    For in your darkened cell
    Where imprisoned by dark
    Through this all you saw
    Was your own bright spark

    I couldn't see through
    The demon's toxic hate
    And by the time you found me
    I thought it was too late

    Too late to move on
    Too late to turn back
    For how can I stop the darkness
    When all I see is black

    You were the answer
    The answer was you
    For though the times were tough
    To your heart you remained true

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    It is never to late for an angel. This makes a good companion piece to the one about the demon hope also echoes here


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      Is there a name for that device - of stating the sentence one way and then reversing the subject and object (i.e. the first two lines of the first and last stanzas)? I find it clever.