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I Cry ( a letter to my demon )

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  • I Cry ( a letter to my demon )

    Yes I know it's hard
    And, Yes I know it's true
    But I cry because of pain
    And I cry because of you

    You caused me all this pain
    Your the reason I cry
    It's all your fault
    And I want to know why

    Why are you so cruel
    So evil and mean
    Why did you decide
    To tear my life at its seams

    I dont cry because I'm weak
    Nor because I'm strong
    But I cry because I'm safe
    And you're where you belong

    I cry because it hurts
    I cry because I'm numb
    I cry because of fear
    And what is yet to come

    You're evil and cruel
    My other shoulder's not
    And though I'm moving on
    Your pain is not forgot

    Demons cannot love
    They can only hate
    Don't beg for forgiveness
    For that it's far to late

    You're the reason for everything
    My pain and tortured past
    And though I choose light
    Your cruel words will last

    They echo throughout my mind
    And cover my thoughts in black
    You can plead all you want
    But your not coming back

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    I sense strength and determination in this piece amongst the raw emotion. Thank you for sharing


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      Last line - you're, not your.

      I agree with Parkisonspoet - this is a nice companion piece to your angel one.


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        Nice take on the Angels
        (and Demons)
        of our nature

        Salt for the devil.
        Which shoulder will try
        to season the evil
        in Satan’s cruel eye.

        To add to RLW's note, 2nd Stanza, 2nd line, same again for "Your the reason I cry"
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