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  • Bone And Metal

    Going fast
    Down the highway
    Feel the energy
    Waste away

    In every turn
    Failure to control
    Reckless, and mindless
    Too late to restrain your soul

    Bone and metal
    Sudden impact
    Flowers, tears and anger
    No turning back

    Bone and metal
    Sudden impact
    Try to forgive yourself
    But there's no turning back

    What had possessed you?
    What got into your head?
    Stare into these eyes
    Of impending death

    You say that you care
    But you can't hide the truth
    Kill your pride, your addiction
    Before it catches up with you

    Stare into the eyes of death
    Never forget

    For a bit of clarification, this relates to the shameful act of drink-driving, and how much damage it can cause even as indicated by the title.