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    I was supposed to have posted this one before Easter, but somehow I forgot! But that's what happens when you're a hypocrite! Lol!


    Once ----- there was a Man
    who had ----- A Little Book
    He set it ----- on the ground
    So I could ------ take a look

    But unlike -----your average book
    that you see ------up on a shelf
    This Book ------ was very different
    It could open ------ by itself

    The written words -----would transform into Movies
    The Pages ------ would become the Screen
    You could see People -----And Places ---- And Animals
    And Things -----you've never seen

    The Book ----- was full of stories
    Like The Old Man ----- And His Wife
    who was told ------ by his Creator
    to take his ------ young son's life

    There was a story ----- about a Baby
    And three wise men ------ from afar
    The wise men ------- found the Baby
    by following ------ a strange bright star

    There was a story ------ about an old man
    who was told ------ to build a boat
    Then suddenly ------- came the Flood
    which set ------ the ship afloat

    There was a story ----- about a beautiful Garden
    With a Tree of Knowledge ----- and A Tree of Life
    And a man ------ And an evil Serpent
    who tricked ----- his poor young Wife

    There was a story ----- about a man
    whose strength ------ came from his hair
    He was captured ------ whipped and blinded
    after they shaved ----- the man's head bare

    There was a story ------ about a Tower
    That reached up ----- toward the sky
    Suddenly People ------ spoke different languages
    And the Tower's ----- the reason why

    There was a story ---- about a City
    That was protected ----- by a Wall
    No one ---- could attack the City
    Because the Wall ---- was Strong and Tall

    Soldiers ----- marched around the City
    They marched ----- three times around
    The Wall ---- began to crumble
    And the Wall ----- came tumbling down

    There was a story ------ about a man
    Who had set ------ his people free
    The man ------ stretched out his hands
    And he parted ------ a great big Sea

    The were stories about the Baby
    Which happened when he grew up
    In one story ---- He broke The Bread
    And then He took The Cup

    In other stores ---- He walked on Water
    He resurrected ---- a rich man's Daughter
    He caused ----- The Deaf to hear
    And He made ----- The Blind see clear

    He also fed ---- five thousand
    with two little fish ----- and five loaves of bread
    He stood ---- at the Tomb of Lazarus
    And He raised him ------ from the dead

    In one story ---- He was on a Ship
    A storm raged ----- The shipped was tossed
    He Spoke ----- He calmed the Storm
    And so ---- No life was lost

    In another story ----- He was Whipped
    His body pierced ------ so that He Bled
    He was nailed ----- up on a Cross
    And later rose ------ up from the dead

    The Baby came ------ to save our souls
    To free us ------ All from Sin
    Afterwards ----- He went to Heaven
    But He's Coming ------ Back Again