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    I’m drowning, it’s all in my mind

    It’ black inside and i cannot hide

    Please don't read my mind

    All you’ll find is

    Anxiety and depression

    But don't ask no f


    Cause all you get is aggression

    I’ve been cast out in the sea

    I cry

    I’m surrounded on all sides

    I may just die

    Everyone’s on the shore having a grand ol’ time

    They forgot about me

    I guess it’s time to cast out my line

    Cause i’m on my own

    There’s no one to dethrone

    I’m the king of my own throne

    Throw me a bone

    There’s nothing to do

    Nothing to see

    May as well just close my mind off

    Fake a smile and repeat

    It’s easy

    That’s all i’ve done for the past 5 years

    I tried to end my life all those years

    But i’m here

    There’s a reason for everything it appears

    Being a teenager’s hard

    We got



    With so much aggression

    We stressin over the fact

    We got no discretion

    Adults, they tell us it’s in our minds

    But they don't realize

    We’re breaking inside

    I tell no lie

    I’m dead inside

    I cried for help but no one tired

    How’s a pill supposed to treat how we

    Feel inside

    It’s been festering in my mind

    All this time

    Years worth of damage

    Done to my mind

    I cannot hide

    I’m messed up inside

    There’s not a single lie that

    hasn't crossed my mind

    Not gonna lie, selling my soul to

    The devil has crossed my mind a couple of times

    But i haven't gone that far down,

    I’m holding on to a single thread by now

    My will to live is below 0

    But my will to fight is higher than a heros

    So i’ll keep holding on

    I’ll keep going strong

    I’ve hit rock bottom

    I can't get any lower

    the only choice i got is

    To pick myself up and go stronger

    Please listen to my words that i advise you,

    Don't give up this time

    Kick life's ass

    Because it’s time

    To show who’s boss

    Take control

    You only got one life to live

    So live it

    do what you love

    Don't listen to those who tell you it’s wrong .

    Back all those years ago lives could be bought and sold

    They stepped on the fact that lives are precious.

    So let’s do it right, pick up the fight

    Protect our lives

    Just to see the light

    Am i right?

    Please don’t end your life

    Next time you might not be lucky

    Enough to survive

    Then you’ll be gone like

    Negative space in time

    Butterfly effect will kick in

    Some lives will be changed

    You’re more important

    Then what you’re mind gave

    So i’m begging

    And i’m pleading

    Listen to this song

    When things seem depleted

    I’ll cheer you on for however long

    It takes to make sure

    You’re alright

    I’ll fight your fight

    Just say you’re fine

    So i can rest my mind

    Knowing i’ve done something good in my life