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  • Somewhere behind a tree

    Shake the lizard, drain the vein

    Well it’s all about the same

    The dew from the lily, that’s kind of silly

    More precise would be old Willie

    How many ways to gain relief

    When it’s the bathroom that you seek

    To make your bladder gladder

    How to say it, that’s the matter

    Changing the water on the gold fish

    If you have to hit the head

    Lift the seat if your tinkling

    Or you could squat instead

    To see a man about a horse

    Is that the same as hanging ten

    Have him hose down the outhouse door

    If he has to go again

    You’re an eight, that’s to confusing

    Some tricky numbers game

    I’ll answer natures call

    And make some porcelain rain

    Well when your teeth are floating

    And the dams about to burst

    Call it anything you want

    As long as I can get there first

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    You had me smiling with this one - and educating me as well - though I'd heard some of them, you threw in a few "new to me" phrases. I'll cede my place in line to you poet...this time .


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      There is is a tide in the affairs of men
      which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune.
      On such a full sea are we now afloat.


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        Thanks, writing it was a wiz- kid.