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    I have memories of different worlds, realms which defy sense.
    These worlds are somehow inside "this" one, Artists, lovers, shaman, these figures go seeking these places, just as I am. I find these worlds build with love! It's really engrossing for me to immerse myself in these environments, so that I can become better acquainted not with just myself, but also "how" I interact with anything! It is so rewarding to feel accomplished enough to "create"; let alone fathom an entire world filled with your life force!
    Little elements of this world give glimpses into what are sort of "supra-ordinate" realities.
    So that they (each elements' constituent) make up a completely separate and yet unified world. And these worlds "build" (I posit) through feeling, through connection. Like, what about this world we're in "is real"?
    What are your favorite things? What I do is find those, the gold, the art, and stew in those, and understand them perhaps, and figure out what about them feels more real than anything else.
    Ultimately, I am able to bring this forth through myself. In contemplating these, I associate the worlds I sublimate as if a lightning bolt struck and I was able to see a glimpse of a deeper reality submerged. It is so beautiful.
    These realms must have a name-- a transitory pointer, something. Maybe not.
    I feel so much that they're somehow "inside" Hunab ku, which is the Omni-galactic source of everything we know.
    I feel that the three substances Mercury, Salt, and Sulfur are somehow "gigantic" in building our world, and that these three somehow would be instrumental in building the others. So that, while in this world we see them as what we've seen them as so far, the same elements could be "alive" in another parallel. Yet only through understanding them could we reconstitute the resonance within, enough to charge the environment ... I find that Gold, the king of the metals, is the Apex for a reason. I say this because, then, the gold would be the entire "unity", which would actually connect these various worlds.
    How many worlds, I am not sure. 9? Nine worlds, where every world had its own "gold" which we could only posit because we know gold in ours. The gold would be completely different, unfamiliar, and impossible to co-exist with ours from where I see things right now, this dimension or realm. Earth.
    But still the main thing which is true for all worlds would be true for these within this "span": Infinity.
    I find that the Sulfur is this flat, powdery substance, and yet it's soft, delicate as flowers to the touch; contrasting with the silvery mercury which is heavy, dark, poison, and bright. The salt is (to my current thinking) a combination of both: The salt is semi-reflective, one sort of senses inside salt some milkiness, as if it "could" possibly reflect one's face, but doesn't. The salt is heavier than sulfur, anyway.

    So I am imagining this world, and the cold skies, and the wind which scrapes along the edges of this place. The impossibility of everything, how I'm in love with its otherworldly darkness, how it pulls me in, how the stars remind me of mercury and sulfur. The land is lit from within, not from the sky, and in ways which defy logic the ground is glowing, and pulsates with something like plasma or lightning. Its main feature is that it's alive. I know it's alive because I feel it. Often I look in, and there is this wave of truth and perseverence that comes over the scenery; and other times I have felt such dismay that the world's "flash" has been extinguished.
    The world is so deeply textured with this feeling-- ominous, heavy, penetrating. The characteristic which I find most attractive is that it is Evil. It is an Evil world!

    There are no people there to carry out "evil deeds" however; the charge is in the air, though, unmistakable. Like something colossal, and beyond, which set within the fathoms of the human heart break all boundaries. Light doesn't travel as we would and do expect it to here; like I said, it doesn't come from the sky. The "phosphorescence" reminds me of an infinite loneliness which I am so in love with, so fearful of, yet so determined to undertake the journey to understand. MYSELF! I find the idea intoxicating that I could bring others into this world, too. And this is just one world.

    I posit that at the Hub of existence, the ineffable source which holds this galaxy together, there is a force of such condensed feeling, not to mention worlds beyond our imagining. It's not just as simple as contemplation; this is "penetration" of the world inside, and communion with the higher planes of truth and reality. Set upon the ashes of a world I have had the chance to see fallen, and one which I imagine could rise, as well.
    it is a matter of tuning my senses so that I am open to these worlds, that I know when I step in them, and what they actually mean; I become "lulled" by the enchanting, enchanted fabric which consumes my desire and will, which sets me toward the end of "finding" more of it; being more present here, and finding myself to grow beyond, and experience the supernal majesty.

    Hod-- the colors, the sulfur, the interaction with MY insides, eyes tuned, eating light and sensitive to darkness, awash in beauty that is eternal, the recognition of something stiller, and more real than death. The beauty of death on its own, in that foreign warlock's land, of a world where loneliness rules, and there's no one else to worry about, and eternity can pass by without worry; and yet in the distant wind, and the rich loneliness of the land, you can hear, and feel, and see, how it will never really end. That any distance you could find would be dwarfed; until you can become the distance, and the cold colors are alive from the inside out, looking to unite. Burning in a recognition I find it hard to encapsulate, but O so rewarding when I can bask there.

    This was one world I've been watching...

    I find that there's no end to "how many" they could be, and yet they're more real than this world. I posit that I am here to find these worlds, not to populate them or for one reason, but because Earth wants her library and source back connected to unity.
    The Artists are tasked with finding the portals to these "other worlds"

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    This was a good read in my world. Peering out the train window taking your words and the Hudson River in. Too deep of a write for the express train. Many stops are needed, each station one of those worlds you speak of. This would be great handed off to an animation screen writer. Out of this woooooorrrld!!!


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      Glad our worlds collide! Flattered by your comment, I feel like the visionary realms ARE animation in their own right Poetry rules! Peace and thanks.

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    Travel of eternity from within self...this fairly pulsates with imagination!


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      Glad it worked Thanks RLW

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    And I thought my pieces were long! Lol! But this was a very interesting read indeed! It took me a while to get through it! all It sounds more like an opening to a very interesting novel more than a simple piece of poetry or prose! A delightful mixture of Star Trek, The Twilight Zone, A book of Philosophy, A lecture on Physics and several other subjects all rolled up into one! Well Done amenOra


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      Thanks Rhymeboy! Yeah, it's not traditional for what I normally post here, but I branch out ever so often; I really enjoy melding and exploring these relationships between "grand" ideas, and the ability to communicate something of my vision! Thanks for tagging along and allowing me to get past the "Too long; didn't read" lol Peace

      PS I love those influences, some more inspiration indeed!